26 Feb

Well, hello there. Have you noticed it’s snowing in New York? It’s true! You may have missed the subtle, dinner-plate-sized flakes yesterday, or the way the wind decided that it would be helpful to blow those flakes horizontally so that they bypassed your umbrella and went straight into the face (thanks wind!), or maybe how New Yorkers were all doing a bad impression of Olympic skating in their attempts to stay upright on the ice or leap over the slush puddles on the curb. And it’s snowing again today! Huzzah. I can’t wait to go outside and remember that my snowboots have given up the ghost and now are about as waterproof as my Havaianas.

But thankfully, there is a bright spot in this slushy mess of a continuing winter. And no, it’s not the sun (take those vitamin D caplets, peeps!). It’s these two most delightful videos, which I guarantee will brighten up your day. And get very stuck in your head.

First, thanks to the delightful Sondheimian Margo (thanks Margo!!), we have the answer to the eternal question ‘doesn’t that My Little Pony look like it may snap at any moment?’, and then, in the same video, a surprisingly effective dramatic (and color-appropriate) number. It’s delightful, it’s hilarious, it’ll make you forget your iceblock winter feet.

And then, just as a bonus because I love you, gentle readers, and I know that late February requires more of a boost, here’s another video (this one via the awesome Liz Caplan – thanks Liz!), proving again that Northern Europe in the 70s was the place to be. Honestly, it’s hard to tell exactly what is going on here, so I will leave off any attempt at description and just present it to you without comment.

There, don’t you feel better already? Now go forth into your sodden weekend and carry the light of these videos with you.

*That would be ‘Thank God It’s Friday Even Though It Won’t Stop Snowing But Thank God There’s Youtube, Too’


3 Responses to “TGIFETIWSSBTGTYT*”

  1. The Ramblings of Amazingness By Jenny J Bean February 26, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    Oh my goodness.

  2. Sarah G February 26, 2010 at 12:59 pm #

    Guess this settles the 25 year old argument between Phoebe and Sam as to who is more powerful: Pretty Pony with her magical powers or He-Man with his gigantic plastic muscles. He-man never got his own Broadway Show!

  3. David Loewy March 29, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    Yeah, this comment is a month late or so, but whatever…
    Eduard Hil` seems to prove Eddie Izzard’s point. When you’re singing, it’s mostly about how you look and sound, and almost nothing about what you’re saying. And Mr. Hil` seems to have that confirming and denying trick down to a subtle science.

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