Happy April (Un)Fools!!

1 Apr

It’s April Fool’s Day, that holiday that is both weirdly unfettered (is there even a cultural history? Or did someone somewhere once get in trouble for a prank and go “well I had to, it’s… uh…. the special day on which you play pranks on people!!!” and then it stuck?) and yet still much more fun than many other holidays (looking at you, St. Patty’s day, aka ‘the day that the MTA gets coated in a layer of green beer bile’). And I suppose that in honor of the day I could put something up that was itself a spoof, which many people do very funnily and well. But on April Fool’s Day, I personally like to take the time to remember the amazing and hilarious things that humanity has created that were not intended to be funny, but oh how they are. Like, for example, this classic – a music video version of ‘The Rum Tum Tugger’ from Cats.

So watch, enjoy, secretly think to yourself that it’s okay that you’re attracted to a giant singing cat because your brain clearly knows somewhere that it’s really a human and so it’s not bestiality at all, right?, and remember – sometimes the only difference between cool and absurd is a few years. And a synthesizer. And a human-sized faux-fur-covered unitard with a tail.


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