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Haiku Review: Godspell

29 Nov


Hippie Apostles
Hang out with dippy Jesus.
Do we have to too?


Forest lost in trees.
So it is with the talent
Lost among business.


Many jump the shark.
But only this show jumps both
Shark and trampoline.


Living a true life
Apparently means dressing
Like a thrift store clown.


Hyperactive zen:
A pot classic now respun
For a cocaine time.


Three Broadway Jesi*
Rock, Hippie, and with Planet.
Advantage: Mormon.




*note: I am assuming the plural of ‘Jesus’ is ‘Jesi’. Latin, bitches. (Also, it fits better.) Also, this Haiku specifically refers to the fact that next season, with Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Book of Mormon on Broadway, there will be three shows featuring Jesus on the Great White Way. I can only hope that someone takes advantage of this at Gypsy of the Year and does a Jesus trio – may I suggest ‘Triplets’ for the number?