In Which I Make Your Day: Human Sushi Edition

21 Jan

Greetings from Fluville! Well, from the outer limits of Fluville – I think I’m finally headed back to functioning humanland again, after a weekend of ugh. Yes, after bragging about how I was the only New Yorker who hadn’t gotten this year’s dreaded flu, I promptly got the flu (note to self and every person who’s ever read a Greek tragedy or myth ever: DO NOT BRAG ABOUT HOW YOU ARE SOMEHOW EXEMPT FROM THE RULES OF THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. IT DOES NOT END WELL. Hubris, people. It’s real. Or, in this case, Flubris.*)

Anyhoo, as many people will tell you, having the flu is no fun. There are fringe benefits – in my case, actual ‘Fringe’ benefits, because being home sick on Friday allowed me to finally catch up with season five of the show ‘Fringe’ just in time for its series finale, which was heartbreaking and great, and a fitting exit for a show that has been really undervalued (if you don’t believe me, watch the episode ‘White Tulip’ in the second season – it’s one of the best hours I’ve seen on television ever.) But otherwise I was mostly lumbering between my couch and my bed, doing my best Howard Hughes impression (well, in that I briefly became a recluse. I didn’t date Katharine Hepburn or pee in jars or anything.)

But today, I think I shall venture into the world again. And I’m pretty excited about it, especially after watching the following videos. Because as I’ve said before, I like humans. And I like them even more when I’m reminded of how delightfully insane we all are by something like, oh, say, some Norwegians doing an interpretive dance to form sushi pieces. So as we walk blinking into the sunlight of this new Inauguration day, and I am reacquainted with concepts such as ‘the outdoors’ and ‘pants’, let’s all remember: humans are swell. And to prove it, here are grown adults in unitards dancing as pieces of fish. Enjoy!

*Yes, I’ve made this joke already on every form of social media. Mostly because it’s pretty much the one clever thing I came up with in about a week.


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