Poster Toaster: Isaac Oliver’s Lonely Christmas

3 Dec

I admit, I’m biased on this one. I love Isaac Oliver (and his hilarious blog,, and I think it’s highly possible that the two of us might end our days in Slankets side by side, eating cheese and making bawdy jokes about hot men. But despite my bias, this is one of my favorite pieces of art for a show maybe ever.

I mean, come on. How charming is this? They’ve gotten Isaac down, complete with Snuggie-butt and night cheese, but they’ve also nailed the entire piece. It’s the perfect reference for both nostalgia and the hint of seasonal melancholy and sweetness that ‘Lonely Christmas’ suggests. Plus, the font is right, the colors are right, I love that they’ve weathered it to look just like a record that’s been sitting around for a few decades, and I especially, really truly, fills-me-with-delight adore the price tag with the ticket price. If I wasn’t already going because I am pretty sure it’s going to be a great evening (because anything Isaac writes usually is), I would buy a ticket just based on this poster alone. A tip of the night cheese to you, Ars Nova, for presenting the show. And a huge round of Slanket-muffled applause to you, Derek Rippe, who I am told designed this poster. You are a super genius, I am now officially obsessed with you. And here’s a special pre-show, pre-Christmas gift from me to you, Isaac:

He's got a package just for you.

He’s got a package just for you.


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