Haiku Review: Into the Woods

27 Aug

This was a toughy, you guys. As a dyed-in-the-wool Sondheim devotee and someone who grew up with Into the Woods, it was not easy to siphon down my many complicated thoughts about the Public’s production of ‘Into the Woods’ into a mere 17 syllables. So consider this a sampling, and know that I tried every poetic variation of “WHY IS LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD DRESSED LIKE A DAMAGED TEN YEAR OLD THEN HAVING SEX WITH THE WOLF THAT IS NOT OKAY HOW OLD IS THAT CHARACTER SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS PRODUCTION?!?!??!!?”, to no avail. Seriously, though, that is not okay, production.

An ‘Into the Woods’
In the woods, but the story
Gets lost in the trees.

If the Baker needs
‘A brioche as big as tire’
It’s on his wife’s head.

Hipster fairy tales
Watch their stories unravel.
Dude, that’s so meta.

Wacky Giantess
Comes from a different world –
Planet craft store?


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