Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

17 Jun

That’s my Dad in this photo, I’m not sure exactly what year.

I have written and erased many drafts of what should go in this post – from how proud I am to look just like him, to how the ‘deep love of theater’ gene must be the same as the ‘squinty eye’ gene, because I certainly inherited both, to how deeply lucky I am to have a dad who has taught me how to engage with the world around me with respect, curiosity, kindness, and generosity, along with teaching me the genius of Rodgers, Hammerstein, and Sondheim (among many others). But I cannot possibly put all of what my dad means to me in a single blog post. Or into words at all, for that matter.

So I will keep it simple. Thanks for the squinty eyes and the lessons on life and musical theater, Dad, and thanks for the endless love and support you always provide. In short, thanks for being awesome. Happy Fathers’ Day, and I love you.

And thanks for letting me be your glam date!



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