Go See ‘Once on this Island’ at Paper Mill. Just do it.

7 Jun

I’ve never had kids, but I think I understand the phenomenon in which new parents become unable to talk about anything but their children for a good stretch of years. For you see, I work on shows. And so I know that strange feeling of trying to access that part of your brain that can discuss things other than whether the hotel unit fits in two or how great Syesha Mercado is (answer: great), that part of your brain that you swear is there, somewhere, but you just can’t remember how to access it, and by the way did you want to hear this funny story about what happened in rehearsal the other day?

On Sunday, the most recent show I worked on, the Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty musical fable about a Caribbean island, opened at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ. And I know I’m highly biased, but I think it’s truly delightful. And if you know me, you already know that, because I pretty much WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT. So I thought I would get it all out there onto this here blog, and tell all of you lovely people that it’s a very easy train ride from Penn Station, the theater is a walk from the train, and you will see some of the most talented people on the planet (seriously, if I could sing like these people, I would never ever talk. And you know what I would sing about? HOW AWESOME THIS SHOW IS)  sing a wonderful score, and see a gorgeous set and costumes and you will have a great time.

I’m always torn about B-roll, because theater as a medium just never looks as good on film. And so I debated posting this, which doesn’t quite capture the magic. But think of it as a teaser, and then go buy tickets for real. And then, once you do, if you want to talk about it, I’m sure I could think of someone to have that conversation with you.


P.S. Since a memoir of my life could easily be called ‘Shows and Sandwiches’, I must also give a shout-out to the Millburn Deli, the best and most wondrous of delis, with its fleet of sandwich-makers and mind-boggling assortment of inventive and crazy delicious sandwiches. Hobbits would be proud of the alternative meal times I came up with in order to eat these sandwiches throughout the day. And if you’re wondering if this is a shameless ploy for free sandwiches from the Millburn Deli, you would not be incorrect. But seriously, eat a Godfadda and then tell me if you wouldn’t do the same.

My happiness lives here.


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