Haiku Review: Ghost

29 Apr

I’ve got a few lines to fill so that Facebook doesn’t spoil all my haiku by smushing them together, and today I’d like to devote that space to an examination of the number that Broadway does when it needs a number about finance. You know the one – the ensemble in sleek 80s powersuits in black and grey, the women’s hair cut into severe bobs or harsh chignons, everyone dancing with angular, vaguely Mr. Robato dance steps while they swing around leather briefcases and one leading power-suited guy at the front of the dance triangle sings about how power is addictive, or some variation thereof. I mention this, because this number is in Ghost, and is basically the exact same thing as ‘It’s All About the Green’ from The Wedding Singer, except for that number is funny and awesome and actually set in the 80s (and has one of my favorite contemporary lyrics: “if you sell your soul at least you’ve made a sale”), and sort of Enron, except they had lightsabers. For an industry full of creative people, Broadway seems to have only one idea about how to represent big business, and I just wonder if finance people come and watch and go “oh, THIS again.” From my limited time temping in finance offices, the financial industry seems to be more full of shlubby white guys in ill-fitting suits who have mini putt-putt set-ups in their cubicles. But then again, if they broke into song or dance, that would have been pretty awesome.

Anyhoo, onto the Haiku:

Something’s switched around;
I thought when you see a ghost
It’s the ghost who says ‘boo’.

Sad, exhausted souls
trapped in long purgatory:
It’s Ghost’s audience.

Hey, cool magic tricks!
If only the rest of ‘Ghost’
Could just disappear.

Note: I know I fudged the last line syllables in the first haiku, but I just couldn’t resist.


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