Hilarious, Gregarious Aquarius

2 Feb

I have a very strange relationship with the concept of the Zodiac. On the one hand, it’s completely fake. I mean, really, planets? Determining your personality? That’s just silly. On the other hand, no seriously, it’s real. But then again, I would have a strange relationship with the Zodiac, according to the Zodiac, because I am an Aquarius, and Aquarians have a strange relationship to most everything, given that Aquarians are considered to be just generally pretty strange. We’re supposed to be intellectuals, highly opinionated (no comment), humanitarian (meh), friendly but don’t love discussing our feelings (so, WASPs?), “attracted to the darkness we don’t find in ourselves” (I am The Happy Goth, after all), curious in both senses of the word (see what I did there?), and a little spacy (wait, what? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.)

That’s just a brief, not-very-exciting summary. If you want more filling in, you should probably watch this, the gift that keeps on giving from my brilliant friend Ashley. It’s bizarre, and I love it. But then again, I would – after all, I am an Aquarius.


Oh, and if you’re wondering if there’s song for every sign, why yes indeed there is. I’m just going to let you go on your own special voyage of discovery. Enjoy!


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