In Which I Make Your Day: Bibliophile Edition

12 Jan

The sun is slightly peeking through the clouds this morning, but I don’t trust it, do you? I walked through a small monsoon to get to work this morning, and I have every suspicion that it will start to pour at any moment again.

You hear what I’m saying? I’m saying that it’s one of those days it’s probably best to stay inside if possible. I’m saying, wouldn’t a cup of tea be so great right now? I’m saying, hey, have you tested out that nice soft blanket you got for Christmas? I’m saying, it’s book-reading weather.

And, just in case that’s not convincing enough, here’s a little video (via my Aunt Caroline, librarian extraordinaire and one of the best recommenders of books I know) that will make your literate heart sing and your feet fly to the nearest bookshelf, and, once a book is in hand, your butt fly to the nearest comfy reading spot.

Watch, delight, go read a book.


One Response to “In Which I Make Your Day: Bibliophile Edition”

  1. Peach Farm Studio January 17, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    Love this video!

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