Beam Me Up, Sherlock

5 Jan

Okay, fine, that headline is totally lame. But forgive me, because I’m all in a tizzy, because the best nerdy news all year (well, all year so far) has just been released: Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the next Star Trek movie!!

It hasn’t been announced yet who he will play, but there are plenty of options – a sullenly intellectual member of the crew? An evil elfin villain? A posh psychopathic member of an alien race? The mind boggles. But one thing’s for sure, I shall go where… many… women… have gone before? Okay, you know what, I suck at the Star Trek references (mostly because I have to google them all – I’ve only ever seen the movie (I’m only a blossoming nerd)). But you get the idea. I will go. I will buy a ticket. I will make excited, high-pitched noises. This is awesome. made this brilliant and hilarious image of Cumberbatch as Khan. They are also saying that he's definitely playing "the main villain," which probably makes sense. also made this image of a Cumberklingon, making me realize that I have to start looking at more often.


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