Procrastivity, Volume 1

9 Dec

Hi All!

It’s officially about to be my last week of classes, and I have quite a number of things to do. So of course, I have diligently spent my time doing pretty much anything that isn’t that.

Ah, yes, procrastination. My old friend. Did you know that the word ‘procrastination’ comes from the latin, ‘pro’ meaning forward, and ‘cras’ meaning tomorrow? Well it does, and the fact that they felt the need to coin such a word means that I guess we know why Rome wasn’t built in a day. (did you like that line? I thought of it this morning, while I was supposed to be working.)

Anyhoo, I imagine that my weekend will be full of my most favorite form of procrastination, procrastivity. You see, normal procrastination events are too obvious – try to write a paper and end up watching ‘The Real Housewives’ instead, and you’ll know exactly what you’re doing, and feel dirty and wrong. But take a break from that paper to, say, bake some bread, or maybe go through your closet like you’ve been meaning to do, and then you’re aces; you have successfully done something productive AND avoided doing what you really didn’t want to do. Procrastivity, baby!

Today was a good day for Procrastivity (I had rehearsal and class, both of which are totally legitimate reasons not to be writing your paper). In my extremely necessary exploration of all the possible gems contained in the internet (important! Could be research later! Maybe a blog post (blogging is the most procrastivitory event ever)!) I discovered this. Made by actor Erik Weiner to celebrate his bit part on the Sopranos, it is charming and hilarious. And I guess I’d better spend a good portion of the night checking out his other videos, just because, you know, he MIGHT say something about the political power dynamics in ‘M. Butterfly’, or the history of audience relations in the end of the 19th century. You never know. I best get to work and do some watching.



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