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Haiku Review: Godspell

29 Nov


Hippie Apostles
Hang out with dippy Jesus.
Do we have to too?


Forest lost in trees.
So it is with the talent
Lost among business.


Many jump the shark.
But only this show jumps both
Shark and trampoline.


Living a true life
Apparently means dressing
Like a thrift store clown.


Hyperactive zen:
A pot classic now respun
For a cocaine time.


Three Broadway Jesi*
Rock, Hippie, and with Planet.
Advantage: Mormon.




*note: I am assuming the plural of ‘Jesus’ is ‘Jesi’. Latin, bitches. (Also, it fits better.) Also, this Haiku specifically refers to the fact that next season, with Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Book of Mormon on Broadway, there will be three shows featuring Jesus on the Great White Way. I can only hope that someone takes advantage of this at Gypsy of the Year and does a Jesus trio – may I suggest ‘Triplets’ for the number?


I Will See This Movie.

12 Nov

The first trailer for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ has been released:

I will see this movie. I will temporarily suspend disbelief and just go with the idea that Kristen Stewart could be more beautiful than Charlize Theron. I will buy accessories from the accessories tie-in I hope someone is doing right this moment (I might even buy the spikey crown, just to wear around the house sometimes when I’m feeling dramatic and moody). I will remind myself that, as I previously discussed in this blog, I cannot be with dreamy Chris Hemsworth, for the good of the species, although seeing him throw axes in armor will cause me to think maybe tiny-eyed mole-children might not be such a terrible thing. I will see this movie.

Haiku Review: Chinglish

12 Nov

Tower of Babel
Recreated on Broadway
Much more fun this time.


The world goes around
But not quite as frequently
As Chinglish‘s set.


David Henry Hwang
In Chinese or in English
Super smartypants.