Writing is Hard.

14 Oct

I am attempting to write something right now, and it’s not going well. It seems no matter how many hours I spend staring at the computer monitor willing it to happen, inspiration is MIA. So, of course, I did the next logical thing; take to Twitter to whine about it. Luckily, one of my Twitter friends pointed me in the direction of this – the genius and hilarious David Rakoff’s thoughts on writing. Alas, it doesn’t make my piece flow any easier (it also made me think “David Rakoff is such a genius! Oh my god, DAVID RAKOFF WOULD WRITE THIS SO MUCH BETTER THAN I WOULD”, which wasn’t helpful (ah, writing spirals), but I’m comforted to know that it’s not just me out there.

One Response to “Writing is Hard.”

  1. ferrari33 October 14, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    I know, the same thing happens to…It seems when I start writing about good things, it turns out negative…It will pass…I just wish something good would happen.

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