‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Makes an Excellent Choice, Again

5 Aug

Christopher Nolan and his reboot of the Batman series has made some pretty excellent choices so far, as I’ve noted in previous posts. And the newest in the series, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, seems to be going right along with that – casting legitimately excellent actors (who also happen to be gorgeous) Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway to play Bane and Catwoman, respectively, and revealing their teaser with a truly cool ad campaign.

And finally, they’ve released the first official image of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, or Catwoman, and I am most pleased.

Not because I loves me some Annie Hathaway, which I do. Not because she just looks badass here, which she does. But because they have avoided one of the great Pet Peeves of Anika Chapin; ass-kicking heroines who, defying all logic, wear giant high heels.
Take a gander at the footwear Catwoman is wearing here – a sensible leather boot, roughly shaped like a human foot at the front, and with a moderate wedge at the back – here’s another, unauthorized, shot from the set that shows it better:

via cinemablend.com

 Excellent choice! That looks both attractive and functional, and just right for all your ass-kicking needs.

You see, I love a good high heel. I have plenty myself, sky-high and low, open-toed and closed, which sometimes I open my closet just to gaze at. I have been known to stop cold in front of the Louboutin boutique, transfixed by a particularly sparkly variety, for longer than I’d care to admit. But when I’m getting ready in the morning, I will think to myself  ‘hmm, what will I face today?’ And if the answer is something like ‘running after aliens’ or ‘chasing down criminals’ or ‘general ass-kicking’, I will probably reach for the flats.

However, this does not seem to be a reality faced by many a lady of film and television. All too often, a tough female character will be smart and fierce and ready to beat any foe, but be costumed in heels that would mean instant defeat in an encounter with a subway grate. And I’m well aware that heels look great, and there’s a fantasy element to many a heel-wearing fierce lady character, but unless this fantasy world really involves an alternate reality in which what looks like a pump really does feel like a sneaker, it bugs the hell out of me. Because if a character really would choose to go into a fight hampered by altered balance or a chase running essentially on her toes, then I start to wonder about that character’s intelligence and reasoning abilities.

Anyhoo, it’s a pet peeve of mine, as you can probably tell. And I take notice of which shows and movies will costume their practical female leads in crazy impractical shoes (Castle, Charlie’s Angels), and which don’t (SVU, with extra points to ‘Fringe’, which not only puts Olivia in flats, but also a drab wardrobe and very little makeup). I’ve even noticed when a show put a fighting female character in a dress (it was at an event) and character shoes, which both pleased the practical side of me (comfortable! Sturdy!) and displeased the aesthetic side of me (ugh, so ugly. Ballet flats are better.)

Nolan’s Batman movies have maintained an excellent grasp on the reality of Batman’s world – dark and gritty are hallmarks of his version, where cartoonish goth was Burton’s and plastic nipples was Schumacher’s. In Nolan’s vision, you could believe that the joker was a psychopath who, though he wore creepy makeup for effect, probably didn’t hire a professional makeup artist to apply it.

A primer would really help with that.

 His movies have been scary because you can believe that it might just be possible for it to happen in our world, with ordinary people becoming frightening villains, or inspiring heroes. And in this new shot of a Catwoman who knows that red lipstick is an excellent solution when you want to look both glamorous and fierce but not risk a snapped ankle, it looks like they are keeping right in line with their general awesomeness.



2 Responses to “‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Makes an Excellent Choice, Again”

  1. ferrari33 August 5, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    Great post..And with Anne Hathaway it will be a winner…Love the cycle..

  2. Sunny May 9, 2017 at 5:33 pm #

    1fan / i totally agree. i ca&2;8n17#t wait to own another album either. i listen to his music so many times that I have them memorized. i absolutely LOVE him and his music. i know that i can listen to any of his songs and not have to listen to swearing or vulgar words.

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