An Awe Feat of Wowness

2 Aug

I was an Anthropology major in college (cultural, specifically), which was an awesome decision I have never regretted, despite the occasional awkwardness of having to explain to people that I am a theater person who always knew I would work in theater, and so decided to major in Anthropology (don’t ask. But also, seeking logic in my life path is like seeking wisdom on ‘The Bachelorette’). I loved being an Anthro major (and not just because I could start almost every essay with ‘throughout human history…’) because, put simply, I love Anthropology. I am fascinated by humans, by how we all are affected by patterns we can’t even see, I love looking at seemingly uninteresting or unimportant details, like how many superhero movies are coming out, or when military chic is in fashion, and wondering what greater things this might indicate for our culture, I love that we are ultimately a massive group of mammals, subject to drives both of biology and our own created rules of order.

And sometimes, I just get tickled by the idea of humanity in general. Like, who was the first person to figure out how yeast could be used? Or to look at an artichoke and be like, oh, let’s definitely eat that. Or decide that really, what would be super sexy would be to wear a giant white neck doily. Say what you like about the many flaws of humans, but you have to admit that we’re a pretty go-getter species.

And so, it delights me to think that many thousands of years ago, our ancestors were living short lifespans devoted to foraging for food, hunting, and reproducing. And now, we are a species which has evolved to make things like this truly charming… whatever you would call this:

Also, I’m pretty sure that if you could show this to our ancestral brethren, despite the wide crevasse of time and fundamental biological and lifestyle differences, they would still think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the cutest.


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