In Which I Make Your Day

29 Jul

Okay, first of all, look around you. Are you at your workplace? Are you supposed to acutally be doing work at said workplace? Does this work not usually involve giggling like a possessed schoolgirl? Are you currently drinking a beverage that is best not spat all over your keyboard in a failed attempt to bring in oxygen while you laugh?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then you might to wait on this one. But if you really, really need a cure for a draggy Friday afternoon and can pretend that your convulsive snorting contained laughter is some sort of yogic breathing exercise, then click HERE.

You’re welcome.





(Big props to Jason Robert Brown and Whitney Anderson, who sent on this genius via twitter. And, of course, to the fine people and animals of, for being awesome.)


2 Responses to “In Which I Make Your Day”

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