Review Haiku: Shakespeare in the Park

30 Jun



Note: Although these technically cover both ‘All’s Well that Ends Well’ and ‘Measure for Measure’, they mostly refer to ‘Measure.’ This is partly because the production is a little more… out there, but mostly because I saw it more recently and my goldfish brain cannot expect to hold that many thoughts for that long, now can it?


Tension in the park
Will she win? Will good prevail?
Will the raccoons show?


Demons frolicking
Black unitards and long tails.
Weirdest ‘Cats’ ever.


Pierced breasted breastplates
Elizabethan gone Goth.
McQueen would approve.


Angelo, Bertram
Dark, complex anti-heroes.
In other words, Dicks.


Poor Isabella
Just wants to stay a virgin.
Her reward? Marriage.


The rule of the Duke:
Nothing shows honor and love
Like creepy mind games.


Great plays, great actors
Lit by spotlights and fireflies.
I love you, New York.



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