Happy Opening, Spider-Man!

14 Jun

The much-maligned (including by me), long-suffering, ginormous-budgeted musical Spider-man is officially opening tonight, and it seems somehow inappropriate to say break a leg. I do wish them the best, though; I saw the show on Friday in its revamped version, and I have to say, they have done really excellent work in taking what was a messy fevered mix of incoherence, boredom and spectacle, and turning it into an actual show (with a plot and everything!), with some gorgeous theatrical moments. And I salute them for that – that is a very hard thing to do – and to everyone who has been working on it for soooooooo looooooooong (and to those who have been working on its new incarnation, like Chase Brock, my friend and choreographer extraordinaire, whose work is brilliant in general and whose work on this is no exception).

But my best wishes don’t stack up when compared to this, the highest tribute the universe can bestow, in my opinion; a parody from Sesame Street. I have said before how deeply I love the Muppets – they have their very own furry google-eyed place in my heart. And this brilliant little sneak peek at ‘Spider-Monster: The Musical’ only makes me love them more, if such a thing is possible.

Adorable. And the score is better than that of the actual show!

(Oh come on, you didn’t think I would let them get away totally scott-free, did you?)


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