Some Cumberbitchin’ News from HBO.

6 Jun

It’s been a few days since I blogged, so I woke up this morning with a bit of blogal malaise. What should I write about? Another Poster Roaster? The world’s most perfect shaper slip that is now in my possession? The upcoming Tonys? The world seemed so full of possibilities, and yet nothing was grabbing me by the viscera.

Until, that is, I read on deadline that HBO has greenlit a new mini-series. Ooh!! Already exciting! I watch many an HBO series, and have come to rely on their quality, toothsome plotfulness, and expansive color palette (as opposed to AMC, whose plots are a gentle old-timey stroll to HBO’s sprint, and who, between Mad Men, Rubicon, and The Killing, have a solid lock on neutral-colored television). And who will be writing this new mini-series? Why, only Tom Stoppard, playwright of such brilliance that I’m surprised he doesn’t have one of those head bumps they used to put on statues of Buddha to indicate the extra brain mass. And he will be adapting a book (Parade’s End) which, admittedly, I haven’t read, but was written by the most-excellently-named Ford Madox Ford (could I get away with renaming myself ‘Anika Chapin Anika’, or ‘Chapin Anika Chapin?’ Something to ponder).

Already, this was most excellent news for a Monday. But then, the kicker. Starring in this mini-series will be Smart Girl Goddess Rebecca Hall, and the ever-talented and always-fascinating star of Sherlock and Frankenstein and a good chunk of my heart, Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t know what is more exciting – the idea of watching Cumberbatch and Hall match their formidable talents to Stoppards formidable words, or imagining what they all talk about between takes.

So basically, this is awesome. The only downside is that between the source material’s title (when a novel’s title refers to the end of a fun event, it’s usually a pretty good indication that the novel itself will not be much fun) and the plot description (“Set against the backdrop of World War I, it tells the story of a complex and destructive love triangle among a conservative English aristocrat (Cumberbatch), his beautiful but cruel socialite wife (Hall), and a vibrant young suffragette.”), I’m thinking this will be more full of pain and tears than literary mysteries, corsets, and sleuthing. But hey, they didn’t announce who’s playing that “vibrant young suffragette” yet – my fingers are crossed that it’s Martin Freeman.

Hey, they already know each other! Cool! And thanks,!


2 Responses to “Some Cumberbitchin’ News from HBO.”

  1. Duckface June 6, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    Do you think Stoppard was basically like “Julian Fellowes I see your Downtown Abbey and raise you premium cable and a Cumberbatch”

    • bloggledygook June 6, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

      I hope so. I would really, really like to see a rumble between them and their shows (literally, not a figurative rumble), although frankly, as long as Maggie Smith’s on his team, it’s Fellowes for the win.

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