Lizzy and Kelly are Married!!

17 May

I spent the weekend up in Connecticut at the wedding of one of my best friends, Lizzy, to her awesome girlfriend, Kelly:

The Brides!

It was a gorgeous wedding – in a beautiful little garden and ballroom that they had found in Ridgefield (the Garden House at the Keeler Tavern Museum (don’t you think they could use a few more nouns there?), in case anyone is looking for a really lovely wedding spot), the brides looked beautiful and so, so happy, and everyone had a great time. And I learned that if you’re a bridesmaid and thus visible for the wedding ceremony, at which you will be crying, your bra is probably not the classiest place to store a tissue (also, my dress had POCKETS, perfect for storing things like, oh, tissues, but I had conveniently forgotten that part). But that’s another story.

It occurred to me, watching Lizzy and Kelly get married, that there’s something magical about the idea of a wedding. I mean, really what it is is two people coming together, saying a few words in front of someone else, who says a few different ones, they exchange some jewelry, and then they go away as married people. It is a ritual, and really the only thing that gives this ritual its power is the idea that these two people are declaring their love, and pledging to be together for as long as they live, surrounded by the people in their life who love them. As long as you have that, you have a beautiful wedding, and exactly the right kind of wedding, wherever it is, and whoever it is getting married. It’s not the people who are the same gender getting married who are threatening marriage; it’s the people who are determined to “protect” marriage by surrounding it with hate.

But, I’ll get off my little soapbox now. Since, besides hate, the other thing that should never be at a wedding is politics, and I don’t want anything to get in the way of the beauty of my great friend now having a wife, which still chokes me up a bit. All my love and congratulations to you guys, Lizzy and Kelly (and Duck), and here are some photos from the random grab-bag on my iPhone and camera:

I do Lizzy's makeup for the big day. Sarah, co-Bridesmaid and Makeup Sous-Chef, takes the photo.

Lizzy's brother Joe looks on. Lizzy has her 'I deeply distrust makeup' face on.

Lizzy preps, looking like a Hell's Angel because her leather jacket was the only thing that zipped down the front and wouldn't mess up her hair.

But in her dress, she just looked like an angel.

After the ceremony, the brides have a moment.

Then they pose with their families.

Sarah is a beautiful garden fairy.

Lizzy and her mom, Sharon, chat, while guests have cocktails on the adorable porch behind.

The first dance. (thanks, Lomo app, for making me look like I'm a good photographer!)

Kelly and her dad cut a rug during the father/daughter dance.

Hava Nagila!

Mini Brearley reunion!

The revelry continues into the night!


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