Poster Roaster: Broadway Bares XXI – ‘Masterpiece’

19 Mar

Every year, the most excellent charity Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS stages ‘Broadway Bares’, a dance-y, strip-y themed event that allows showgoers to live the dream of seeing all the taut, toned gypsies of Broadway in little more than glitter and pasties. This year’s theme is ‘Masterpiece’, and the posters were revealed earlier this week. And, to put it simply, they are awesome. Take a look:




Each is based on a classic work of art:

Michelangelo's 'David'

Roy Lichtenstein's 'Girl'

Matisse's 'Jazz'

And in addition to being just beautifully shot (NYTimes’s Artbeat blog has a great interview with the photographer, Andrew Eccles, about taking the photographs, here), and showing off the insane bodies of the dancers involved in the show (and not just dancers – Director extraordinaire Jen Bender participated one year, and shot my ‘I’m not onstage, my abs can totally look like a nice brioche instead of a fierce six-pack’ excuse to hell; maybe I’ll participate this year if they include a Botero number.), these are incredibly clever – having the auction paddles block the naughty bits is genius, and having an audience looking at the image instead of featuring only the framed piece adds an additional bit of whimsy by pointing out that like the art itself, these beautiful people are to be gazed at. Extra points for having the woman in the fur standing up to bid on the Matisse – there’s a nice bit of humor in having it look like she is mighty anxious to acquire this one (not to mention placing her like she’s staring right at his business).

I love BC/EFA, and I love that they do cool, fun events like ‘Broadway Bares’. In the past, some have been better than others, and some of the art has toed the line between saucy and slightly tasteless (I wasn’t a fan of the Alice in Wonderland art, seen here:)


But this year is my favorite art yet, by far – elegant, witty, saucy and fun. Well done, BC/EFA and Spotco. I’ll be puttin’ on my pasties and buying a ticket.


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