Couture Tragique: Paper Bag Lady

16 Mar

Does the question ‘Paper or Plastic’ have only one answer for you? Do you ever look at the classic, sleek lines and basic color of your Fairway bags and think ‘that’s for me!’Do you look at clothes that have darts, or pleats, or some acknowledgment that the human body has curves and think, ‘excessive!!’? Well, now J.Crew has provided the dress of your very dreams:


Yes, finally someone has taken the lowly paper bag and made it into fashion by the cunning addition of sleeves and a neck hole. Think of all the accessorizing you could do with this blank canvas – perhaps a celery hat? Some parsley worn as a bangle? Or, if it’s just a little too boxy for you, J. Crew has helpfully added a belt for…definition?


And all of this can be yours for only $1,000.00 (no really! It’s $1,000.00!!). But if that seems steep to you, remember that if you bring your own to a grocery store, you might get a 10 cent credit.


One Response to “Couture Tragique: Paper Bag Lady”

  1. Anna March 16, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    Ew. J Crew used to be so colorful, fun, and never took itself too seriously. Now it’s trying to go all haute on us with this kind of crap. And for $1,000? That better be the world’s finest brown kraft paper.

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