Poster Roaster: Catch Me If You Can

9 Mar

One of the seventy bajillion new musicals opening this season is ‘Catch Me if You Can’, which has so many Broadway heavyweights on the team that it might as well have rehearsed at Bar Centrale. Unfortunately, it also has this poster:

This poster should work – there are bold, striking graphics, good color, they’ve got that great 60s font, and an excellent tagline. And yet, what they’ve also got is what I like to call ‘awkward vagina syndrome’.

But before I get into that, I have to say that this is the least elegant pair of legs I’ve seen on a poster. The main part – the curve of the calf – is fine, but then when you look at the legs as a whole, you realize that the feet are rather large in comparison to the leg, and the left leg swings in at the knee just a bit on a heel that is not quite under her foot directly, which in combo with the 45 degree angle of the feet make it look like the pink girl is slightly knock-kneed and doesn’t wear heels very steadily. Right? I mean, imagine that pink giantess taking a step forward. Would it be the confident gait of a comfortable bold woman? Nope, that next step is going to have to be a stumble to get both her feet pointing in the same direction and trying to balance on those heels.

And now for ‘awkward vagina syndrome’. When you look at this, your eye is naturally drawn up the legs to AHHHH THERE IS ALMOST A VAGINA THERE!!!!! Which in itself is not so bad, because the poster does end riiight at the top of the pink lady’s thighs in a way that could be saucy and sexy. Except for they have put the feet open and splayed out, so that it’s not hard to imagine that while the bottom half advertises the show, the top half is filming an episode of ‘Girls Gone Wild’. As if that weren’t awkward enough, they have put their little pilot man resting on the inside of an ankle, so you can’t help but think that if he looks up, he’d be looking right at the giant hoo-ha right above him. And if THAT weren’t enough to make the whole thing uncomfortable, there is a plane helpfully pointed at the lady business right out of the frame, which, since it’s flying, is about to make a crash landing on an inner butt cheek. You can’t help but think that if this poster were a narrative, the next moment would be the plane flying into the girl’s butt, she would shriek and jump, but since her knees aren’t so great and she’s wearing those heels and not too steady on her feet, she would probably flail and fall and end up crushing the wee pilot, and it would just be terrible carnage.

I hear good things about the show, and I very much look forward to seeing it. But I do wish the poster looked a little less like it was a porno remake of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ set in the 1960s.

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