Couture Tragique: Chanel Makes Your Nightmares Real

26 Feb

Are you ever going to sleep, drifting off peacefully into dreamland, when just before you’re actually out you suddenly think ‘I CAN’T SLEEP RIGHT NOW, I AM COVERED WITH FIRESNAKES!!!’ And then you have to take a moment to assure yourself that no, you are not, in fact, covered in firesnakes/spiders/cockroaches. Well now, thanks to Chanel, you CAN be covered with the wispy firesnakes of your very nightmares:

Diane Kruger, via

At least the model here was given what look like magic dragon-skin boots as she does her dance of crazy, but Diane Kruger just looks a little pained, like she’s thinking “I know, the things on my skirt look vaguely like what you saw under a microscope in biology in eighth grade. Look, I have a relationship with Chanel, and every relationship has its rough spots. I’m just going to close my eyes and dream of Joshua Jackson.”

And you know what, Diane Kruger? Instead of looking at this dress, I think I will close my eye and dream of Joshua Jackson too.

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