Michelle Obama Looks Awesome.

21 Jan

I normally try to go with cleverer titles, but I had to go with the simple truth for this one – there was a State Dinner at the White House earlier this week for Hu Jintao, the President of China, and Michelle Obama looked so crazy beautiful that I literally put my hand on my chest and gasped when the photo was on the nytimes.com homepage. Here:

Fiercey McFiercerson, with some guys. Via nytimes.com.

Michelle Obama, you are awesome. And Sarah Burton, who took over Alexander McQueen, you have proved yourself worthy. And Kate Middleton, if I were you I would go straight to the House of McQueen and have them design a giant crazy awesome Hail Brittania wedding dress, and walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey followed by a giant cloud of gold and white, maybe embroidered with big lions or something. I mean, come on, how many people marry British royalty?! Go big!!

Here’s the dress in its runway state from the back, which is also stunning. Although I think if you’re very quiet when you look at the model shot, you’ll hear the dress crying out to be worn by a woman who could be its equal.

via style.com


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