I Dare You To Resist Lala the Penguin and his Backpack

13 Jan

Hey, remember when January was supposed to be a sleepy month, full of snow days and cleaning out closets and going to the gym to get rid of the extra chin I got for Christmas? What happened to that!? So far 2011 has been coming on strong, full of two different rehearsal processes (soon to be three) and many a dot in the ical. I’m not complaining at all – if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my soon to be 28 years (although my upcoming birthday, January 25th, will have to be postponed until mid-February for me to actually celebrate it) it’s that I’m much happier when I’m busy (and I anticipate a looming fallow period that worries me greatly) – but dang, January.

Luckily, I did have time to watch this video, sent to me by the lovely Isaac Hurwitz (thanks Isaac!!) about a penguin in Japan that will make your heart twist and flip with joy. Although it’s only a few weeks into 2011, I think this is a good contender for the cutest thing I’ll see all year – Lala the penguin goes shopping! With a backpack! THAT’S ALSO A PENGUIN!! [heart makes twisting, I-can’t-handle-it noises]. So, Happy Second week of January, peeps. Hope you’re all keeping as busy as Lala.





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