Couture Tragique: Gizmo

1 Jan

It happens to all of us: you see a movie, and you love it so much you wonder how you can adequately express your love. Put up a poster? Join a fan group? How will people know that you are truly a fan?

Luckily, the good people at Alex and Chloe have come up with a novel solution if you happen to be a fan of the 1984 comedy/horror film ‘Gremlins’; now you can broadcast your love of the movie by wearing the visage of the adorable hero gremlin, Gizmo, right over your lady business:

By Brian Lichtenberg, via

Yes, Gizmo’s here (although I think you might also be able to get away with claiming this was Dobby the House Elf from ‘Harry Potter’ – versatile!!) in all his 3-D glory (seriously, here’s a side view:)

Your favorite adorable creature, now to be with you always. And as an added bonus, the designer has made the skirt saucily short, so you can transmit the message ‘I may have a tweed stuffed animal face as the focal point of my outfit, but I still want to party’. And party I’m sure you will in this little number, since the only thing men like seeing more than the incredibly disturbing crystal eyes of a famous film creature staring up at them while they make small talk is the fact that you have a giant plush face guarding your genitals. Vagina Dentata? Try Vagina Gizmo. Yours for the bargain price of $2,100.00 and a good chunk of your reputation as a sane adult.

One Response to “Couture Tragique: Gizmo”

  1. Anna January 1, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

    omg. this is going to haunt my nightmares. thanks a lot.

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