Not Dead, Just on Vacation (and Antibiotics)

30 Aug

Hi All!!

Sorry for the radio silence – I was felled by Lyme Disease last week, and a headache so horrible that if I attempted to move my head in any direction I was rewarded with what felt like the entire of Verdi’s ‘Anvil Chorus’ played directly onto my brain matter.

This week, I am happily sans torturous cranial pounding, thanks to antibiotics, and luckily so because I am also on vacation in my most favorite of favorite places, Long Pond. So forgive a little more radio silence this week, and in return I will give you this, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, which is one of the most adorable things I have seen in a long time.


Oh, and to those of you who sent lovely messages with wishes for speedy recovery, thanks – it really meant a lot.


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