New Yorker Brilliance

12 Aug

My college boyfriend, Joe, once said that New Yorkers are the only people who actually find The New Yorker cartoons funny, and not merely amusing. But maybe he’s come around, because he sent me this one this morning:

And I think it’s hilarious. But then again, I am a New Yorker!

Incidentally, Joe is also the person who sent me the brilliant Happy Seal photo and the video of Ron Livingston doing Keyboard Cat, two of my most favorite things. So a little shout-out to him – have fun in Vegas, Joe. I hope you’re not too busy to send me brilliant and hilarious things that I can cannibalize for my blog.


One Response to “New Yorker Brilliance”

  1. Joe August 13, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    Recognition of my genius! At long last!

    Note to self: Postpone dramatic plunge from Stratosphere / dramatic immolation in Mirage volcano.

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