Somebody Out There Must Really Like Me

11 Aug

So today I read an article in about how the new play ‘Elling’, previously seen in London, is coming to Broadway, and is rumored to be starring Brendan Fraser, Denis O’Hare, and Jennifer Coolidge. So let me just gather my thoughts here for a momentito. That means that together on one Broadway stage, every night, will be:

The reliably hysterical Jennifer Coolidge, seen here in ‘Best in Show’ (I’m obsessed with her reactions in the last four seconds), but really, I could have put any number of clips to celebrate her awesome, ESPECIALLY those from the Christopher Guest movies, which are some of my most favorites (although she’s not in my absolute favorite, ‘Waiting for Guffman’.)


Denis O’Hare, who not only was excellent as Guiteau in the revival of ‘Assassins’ that I cut my study abroad trip short to come see, and not only played Hornbeck in the revival of ‘Inherit the Wind’, which was my part in our high school production, so I feel a kinship, but ALSO is currently deliciously awesome as The Vampire King of Mississippi on ‘True Blood’, which is, you know, a show I watch sometimes (read: EVERY WEEK WITHOUT FAIL).


Star of my beloved ‘The Mummy’ and goofy/sensitive/high-bridged-nosed (don’t ask, it’s a thing) personal celebrity dream boyfriend Brendan Fraser.

Oh wait, I'm sorry, did you think I was going to resist putting this shot up too? Well, my friend, how very wrong you were.

The play is supposed to be pretty good, but honestly, I think I’d pay good money just to hang out in the rehearsal room and see what these guys do. And to see if Brendan Fraser shows up in that outfit.


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