6 Aug

I love looking at things. That sounds simple, but it’s also simply true – there are few things I enjoy more than resting my eyeballs on something new, or interesting, or striking, or beautiful, or even intriguingly gross. And I love it when people who also love looking at things make beautiful things for people like me to look at.

I’ve been reading a little bit about the movie ‘Cairo Time’, mostly because it stars the amazing Patricia Clarkson, whom I sort of imagine to be like the half-sister of Cate Blanchett (and if Patricia Clarkson’s mother were a staunch New England WASP and Cate Blanchett’s a fairy). But when I saw this photo accompanying the review this morning, I realized I’d have to see it, just for my eyeballs:

A still from the movie 'Cairo Time'.

I mean, come on, how beautiful is that shot?

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