A Mystical Kodak Moment

30 Jul

Time just moves too fast sometimes, doesn’t it? You are simply going about your life, doing your thing, and then one day you look up and it’s a year later. Which is why a portrait is an appealing thing – you get a chance to stop that unstoppable flow of time, and capture a moment forever.

But sometimes portraits are so… blah. I mean, it’s just a picture half the time, and in a day and age where everyone has a camera phone in their pocket, pictures hardly feel special anymore. And a portrait, which claims to capture the essence of something, well, how true is that, really? What if you feel that under your everyday uniform your true self is… something a little more special? What if while your corporeal form is sitting under a photographer’s light, your true self is cavorting with space dolphins? Well, my friends, there is now a portrait artist for you – if you go here, Celestial Soul Portrait Artist Erial Ali can turn you from this:

To this:

Much better! Even if you do get aquatic mammals caught in your hair (which presumably you can clean out with the handily located pot bottom right), you can’t say that photo won’t spice up your yearbook.

But what’s that you say? Space dolphins not your thing? You feel that your secret light beam shooting from your forehead? Well, worry not:

Done and done!

There are more examples on the website, which is here – I recommend a visit, especially to read the instructions on how they’re done. And I’m not promising that my portrait won’t show up there soon enough – although mine would have cavorting space giant squids, natch, and the light beams would be shooting out of my boobs.

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