This Post Does NOT Feature a Shark Eating a Person, I Promise

22 Jul

So remember a few weeks ago when I went on about how photos aren’t always good indications of actual emotions or events, but sometimes they seem to so clearly catch something that you cannot help but being stopped in your tracks? Right. Well, I saw this photo on my beloved friend Isaac’s brilliant blog, And I swear, looking at it will make woodland creatures flock and flowers grow and birds sing.

Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend David Burtka. Who apparently looks like that, sings and dances, AND cooks. That's totally fair, universe. Thanks!

Awww. I mean, come on. Look at that look.

Also, I don’t like to get all political very often, but I would really like for any person who insists that homosexuality is somehow different from ‘regular’ heterosexual love, or a choice, or dirty, to look hard at this photo and realize that they are a giant douchebag. That’s love, people, pure and simple.


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