Bestill My Heart

14 Jul

Well, it’s been a pretty crappy day so far. The kind that starts with getting caught in a downpour and pretty much goes downhill from there. The kind that you think is probably irredeemable, and that you should probably just go to sleep as soon as you can in order to wipe the slate clean for what will hopefully be tomorrow’s yin to today’s craptastic yang.

But sometimes you’re lucky, and something comes along that does what you think was entirely impossible – redeems the day. And as blah as today was, I forgot that there was something out there with immense mood-lifting powers, more awesome even than the double rainbow song, more delicious than the finest carbs and cheese, more soothing than the cheesiest reality television. And that most potent thing is the Old Spice Guy.

Yes, he’s back, and this time he’s answering people’s tweets, to always immensely enjoyable results. But this one takes the cake – I dare you to watch and not suddenly feel the sun breaking straight through your funk.

Awww. Good thinking, guy who tweeted at Old Spice Guy. Good for you, girl he proposed to in the most awesome way possible. And thanks, Man My Man Could Smell Like.


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