Toooooo hootttttttt.

8 Jul

It’s been hot this week. And when it feels like it’s this hot:

By Orest Keywan, at 'Sculpture by the Sea' in my other hometown.

And the sun feels like this:

I am NOT making a joke about also representing what a yeast infection feels like (because the eye of Sauron looks like a big fiery Vagina!). Keepin' it classy.

Then I feel like this:

Complete with jaunty neckkerchief, of course.

Because I come from these people:

Note the climate in the background.

And I am about as well-adapted to ‘tanning’ and ‘heat’ as this thing:

So give me a little time for my pasty brain to reallyquickly evolve for this heat, and then I’ll be back with a real post.


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