True Pimpin’

20 Jun

Okay, so you remember yesterday, when I was all finding something remarkable to wash away a bad week with simple awe? With the Sea Turtle video and all? Well, that’s still true and I loves me some Sea Turtle video, but I think that I found a video might actually be even more amazing. For, um, entirely different reasons. I think I will not give any more intro than that, other than if you don’t watch ‘True Blood’, it’s worth starting just to understand all the references. And also, the Sookie dancers are perhaps my new favorite thing. Oh, and also, why do I feel like Snoop Dogg just called up HBO and was like ‘hey, I love the show, I wrote this song about it, can I make a video?’ And they were like, ‘um, sure, Snoop Dogg!’

Okay, I lied about having no intro. But in any case, here’s the video:

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