Hey, I’m in a book! An AWESOME book!

24 May

I’ll let you all in on a little secret; I love advice. I like giving it (whether solicited or not – fairly often not), and I like getting it.  I read horoscopes, I ask women in dressing rooms what they think of what I try on, I flip coins, I actually considered writing a mass email to selected friends and family asking what they thought I should do with my life when I couldn’t see what career path made sense for me (I still this is sort of a brilliant plan – like a council of elders!) And as much as I have some sort of answer for almost anything, there are plenty of times when I’m just stumped. Especially nowadays, when rules seem to be changing as fast as Rachel McAdams’ hair color.

So what do you do in these crazy modern times, when entire relationships happen via blackberry, hammer pants are back to being stylish, and nude pantyhose are only worn on the head of people robbing banks? Well, luckily, the brilliant and funny Stephanie Pierson (whom I have had the great good luck to know for years) and Barbara Harrison are on the case, and have written a guide to modern manners called ‘What do Do When No One has a Clue: advice for the brave new world‘. Which, in addition to being funny and entirely entertaining, is actually really helpful as well – the very first question, ‘is it okay to text bad news?’ – prompted a debate in my house. And hey, they certainly went all out asking the experts – you’ll even find the sterling opinions of yours truly in there, but they had to hide them amongst the advice of nobodies like Colin Cowie, Ariana Huffington, and the designers Badgley and Mischka so that my brilliance wasn’t too overwhelming.

Yes, this is a pluggety plug plug. But I’m too WASPy to recommend something I don’t actually really enjoy (it’s a matter of honor, people!), and I really enjoyed this. And not just I get to live the dream of seeing my own opinions published in a book like they’re all official and such. But if you don’t want to believe me, you can just watch this video that Stevie and Barbara made, which I think captures their own smart and zany brilliance perfectly. So go, watch, enjoy, buy, read, and finally stop worrying that a waiter thinks you’re a hobo if you ask for leftovers at a nice restaurant.

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