I Laughed, I Cried. Well, Mostly Laughed.

20 May

I get in movie-going ruts. When I was living in Asia, I would look at the maybe four big studio releases that made it into theaters, sigh, and dream of all the little indie films I would see were I back in New York. I could see one a week! And still have more to see! I would know what people were talking about in newsclips from Sundance! I would be all hip and intellectual and entertained!

Fade out, fade in, now I’m back in New York, with four movie theaters within a mile, each showing a plethora of movies from big studio releases to wee foreign films. And do I go? Of COURSE not. I think I’ve seen three movies this calendar year so far (Iron Man 2,  the awesome documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop – see it immediately, and one other movie that’s clearly so memorable I can’t remember it).

If I were in a reflective mood, I might write about how this illustrates that strange phenomenon in which you only want what you can’t have, but when surrounded by the same, you take it for granted and ignore it. And then I could spin that into an Oprah-esque urge to appreciate what is surrounding us when we have it, and an order to take advantage of all the opportunities that exist within arm’s reach at any given time. But I’m feeling lazy this morning, so instead I’ll just say I should go to more movies.  Especially this one – clearly the most important film of our time. It might even make it to Asia.

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