Feel the Love

6 May

I have always been skeptical of those weird features in magazines which claim to analyze a couple’s happiness or lack thereof based entirely on their body language. I mean, let’s be honest, photos are a mess sometimes; people go through a thousand muscle movements in a minute (not real science, in case you couldn’t guess), things move, light gets weird, and there are moments when apparently the muscles in my stomach so give up that even I can’t believe I didn’t give birth a few minutes after a certain birthday party photo was taken (and no, you will never see that photo. Anyone. Ever.) The bottom line is, reality is meant to be analyzed in a single captured moment as much as a painting is meant to be analyzed by a ten centimeter square.

And yet, sometimes you have to admit, a picture can be worth a thousand words. For example, take this photo (which I have stolen from the awesome blog of Joy the Baker), which stopped me in my tracks when I saw it:

I mean seriously, how great are these two? Her gazing adoringly up at him with that great smile, him staring out at the camera with his arm around her like “check it out, this lady is mine! How ridiculously lucky am I?” I don’t even know these people, but I want to be hanging out with them just to be around that glow. Adorable.

In contrast, another set of photos stopped me in my tracks this week. That would be those from the announcement of the Tony Award Nominations, which happened very early in the morning this past Tuesday, and was filled with news both good (yay Kate Baldwin!!), and bad (seriously, no Best Orchestrations nod for Tom Kitt, who single-handedly took music played by a band and made it into a fully fleshed-out theater score?). But my favorite part of looking at Broadwayworld.com’s photo coverage was to see the glowing, obvious chemistry between the two announcers of the nominations, Jeff Daniels and Lea Michele. I will now present, without comment, the photos of these two hamming it up and glorying in each other’s company.

Wow. I mean, can’t you just feel the love tonight? I haven’t seen such a fun-looking, thrilled-to-be-in-each-other’s-company duo since these guys:


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