Monday, Monday

3 May

Oh, Monday. I feel for you. Every week you come along, reminding us after fun Saturday and gentle Sunday, that there is work to be done. It’s not really your fault – somebody has to start the work week, and your intentions seem good. You’re sort of like that girl in class who would be the only one to vote against a class-wide extension offered by the teacher; yes, it’s probably better to just do it and have it done, and we all knew it, but that didn’t stop us all from wanting to punch her in the face. You are that girl, Monday. You’re filled with the bustle of productivity, but you’re also kind of a buzzkill.

Today, Monday, you have provided an additional bonus – rain! Thanks, Monday. That really helps us all want to roll out of bed and slog through the soggy to get to our welcoming work desks. But you know what, Monday? I reject you this morning. I defy your rainy blahs, because I have this to guide me, this joy with which to arm myself through what promises to be a day of unending dreary:

So there, Monday.


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