Young Spice Meets Old Spice

28 Apr

At this point, I think it has been pretty much established that this is the best ad ever in the history of the known universe:

Truly funny, utterly charming, and delightfully random, it only gets better the more you watch (and when you find out that it was all one take. Truly!). In fact, the only thing that might be better than that video is this video, in which an 11 year-old boy makes his own version of the ad:

Is that not one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? I think he had me at the clouds on the shower curtain. And, just to make sure that you go into your day with a complete sense of ‘awwwwww’, the boy in the video apparently made it as a birthday gift for his Mom. Does that not make you want to go out and have a child immediately/hope your own Mom doesn’t hear about this video as you have never done anything nearly that adorable and creative?

One Response to “Young Spice Meets Old Spice”

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