That is one seriously broken doll.

29 Mar

If you read/subscribe to the world of fashion magazines and/or watch ‘America’s Next Top Model’, you may have noticed that there is a particular pose that has stealthily taken over in recent years, commonly called ‘broken doll’. This usually features a model (generally in the more high-fashion spreads, it’s a wee bit concepty (and weird-looking) for something that doesn’t want to go for a modicum of ‘art’) with her hands on her hips arching her back and with her shoulders up, and sometimes with her knees bent in – I think the original idea was to sort of subvert the standard ‘beautiful’ pose for something grittier, but really, who knows. In any case, it has firmly entered the lexicon, to the point that it even got a reference in the most brilliant [title of show] (I believe the line was ‘I’m giving you BROKEN DOLL, Bitches,’ delivered as really only Susan Blackwell can).

Normally, ‘broken doll’ done well looks something like this:

There – sort of glam, sort of tough, sort of working. Or, in another form, as in this fierce Lady Gaga image:

See? It’s sort of saying ‘I’m posing, but I also don’t want you to think that I really care about posing, so I’m almost non-posing.’

Sometimes, however, it all goes horribly, horribly wrong. I will now present, without initial comment, the image that greeted me when I went to the ‘tops’ section of the Forever 21 website:

Oh no no no, Forever 21. Yikes. What HAPPENED here? The idea is to present a sort of deconstructed model pose, not to look like some poor girl was in the middle of doing an imitation of an elephant using her arm as a trunk and then had a mild stroke. Is the bow on too tight? Was it the fumes from the dye that turned those streaks pink? Are those bracelets so heavy that they disconnected the arm? Was it just that the poor model was overwhelmed from the fifty different heinous elements that were put together in one outfit, and all the muscles in her body revolted? Because the look on this poor girl’s face reminds me of what my face must have looked like after the third hour of ‘Long Day’s Journey into Night.’

But then again, what are we to expect from the fine establishment that sells such items as ‘Bouncing Snoopy checks out the cleavage of the girl wearing it Tee’:

Or the ‘if Lolita were set in a trailer park Coveralls’:

I think my favorite part is the 'distressed' pocket, as though this girl had actually used that pocket for carrying around a hammer or something.

P.S. If you are interested in the hilarious and weirdly fascinating prevalence of ‘broken doll’, I suggest you check out the awesome wesbite I found when writing this post, titled, appropriately,

One Response to “That is one seriously broken doll.”

  1. Anna March 30, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    Is that shirt with the beads seriously for sale at Forever 21? I don’t think it needs to be, I bet every 20-something female made a shirt like that as a kid in the 80s. It’s probably still kickin’ around at their parents house.

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