Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

Well, it’s that time of year again, when shopping becomes a contact sport, when New Yorkers become strangely willing to walk single-file down streets made narrow by Christmas Trees (that smell! Worth it, eternally), when you can admit that your favorite Christmas Carol might just be sung by Mariah Carey.

I love this time of year. I think there is something awesome about the sheer hope of it, about celebrating togetherness and love and family, while being given lots of presents (and giving them, which, true to the old adage, is always better) and eating lots of carbs. I love seeing how excited kids are, watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and making cracks about how cheesy it is while I try to hide the fact that it makes me cry every time, I love seeing how beautiful New York becomes, and waiting for the cool movies that they release on Christmas day. Basically, I’m a Christmas fan.

This year, my family is up in Chester, as is our wont, and we will be engaging in our standard handful of tried-and-true holiday traditions. Mom will attempt to have a ‘theme’ for the tree, Zoe and I will attempt to campaign for a traditional grab bag tree, then acknowledge that the theme looks better, Dad will make popovers and Zoe and I will tease him relentlessly by saying we’ve opened the oven while they’re baking (as Dad reminds us every year, YOU MUST NOT OPEN THE OVEN ON POPOVERS), we will put up the silly automatic bells that play carols, despite the fact that two bells have been out of tune for about ten years, and the rest are barely hanging on.

And, MOST importantly, this album, the BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, will be played religiously:

Best. Ever.

And this year, in the beginning of a new tradition, thanks to an AWESOME gift from my sister, this, the coolest ornament of all time, will be hung on the tree:

What does it say about me that the perfect gift for me is a giant squid totally covered in glitter?

So, in the words of David Cassidy and his be-bopping TV family, to you and all your family, your neighbors and your friends, may all your days be happy, with a joy that never ends. And may peace and love surround you at Christmas time and all the whole year through (ba ba ba baaaap!).

Merry Christmas!

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