Ergo There go I

12 Dec

So I was waiting for a friend the other day outside of Muji, and staring absent-mindedly inside their magical modular world of neat Japanese minimalism. And I thought to myself, I admire that sort of organization, but wow does it not seem fun to me. Nor has it ever; tiny delicate spaces, tatami mats, porcelain and neatness and white walls and black laquer all seems like somewhere I’d love to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Nor could I, frankly; white walls make me itchy, and I tend to accumulate stuff in piles like I was a kid making a tree fort. So sorry, Muji, but Japanese minimalism, and modularism, just isn’t for me. However, just today I was reminded of the kind of culture that seems much more, well, me. Thanks to this piece of jewelry, via ebay:

That’s right, people, INDIA!! I mean, look at that. That is my kind of thing; ridiculously large, covered with spangles and colors, and then with some more stuff thrown on there. And did I mention that the above is only two pieces out of SEVEN? There’s also a long necklace, earrings, and ‘slave bracelets,’ which are those bracelets that attach to rings that I have developed a crush on (if you can’t decide between a bracelet and a ring, why not wear both!?). That piece on top is supposed to decorate your center part!! And then presumably, you wear this with an embroidered gold and red Sari. Acres of cloth and gold thread and gold and fake jewels! Heaven. (Well, let’s be clear here – heaven that I could not wear all of, as I would look like a jerk. Or a White House Crasher. Which is pretty much one and the same).

I never need much to prompt me towards wanderlust; there is a part of my brain perpetually wondering where I should go next, and what’s happening over there, and when I can go (I think it’s unfortunately the part of my brain that would be otherwise devoted to something like, oh, ‘math skills’ or ‘comprehension or simple sports’). But sometimes the thing that tips me over the edge can be as little as the picture of SEVEN PIECES OF BLINGED-OUT JEWELRY on Ebay. And let’s be clear here, I am not intending to go to India solely so I can fill my suitcase with awesome stuff (although that is a tiny bit of the reason). India, land of color and spices and chaos and incredible contrasts. Well, I presume – I’ve never been there. But I’ve got you in my sights, India. You’re next. Keep the slave bracelets warm for me.

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