It’s a Menswear World

8 Dec

Inspired by a photo on The Sartorialist (always so awesome) and helped along by an eternal love for Katharine Hepburn’s easy, sophisticated menswear style, I am having a bit of a crush on men’s oxfords, especially these, from Steve Madden. However, Oxfords are tricky; menswear can be a great, strong, sexy choice, but it’s better if you have distinctly trim, female ankles peeking out of the oxfords to define the contrast. If, like me, you are blessed/cursed with broad shoulders and hearty British-peasant-stock bones (dang, I could cart some serious sacks of grain/buckets of water/multiple germanic babies/farm animals with ease, if called for), it’s always a debate. For though you may be aiming for these:

The eternally awesome Katharine Hepburn.

The equally awesome Cate Blanchett in Vogue.

The inspiration, from 'The Sartorialist'

You might end up, if you don’t quite get it right, looking a little more like this:

Drag King Murray Hill. While awesome, not the look I'm going for.


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