All I Want For Christmas…

27 Nov

With the new Twilight movie out, the Edward/Jacob debate has reached new heights of screechy tweeny decibel levels (which is silly, because clearly Jacob is a far superior choice). But in this time of disturbingly buff underaged werewolves versus sparkly vampires, someone has taken the opportunity to remind us all, in albeit a rather disturbing ‘musclebound  plaster cast that helpfully includes crotchal region’ form, who wins the vampire debates hands down.

There’s also Bill and Sookie busts (Sookie in a strage pose showing off her neck bites, because everyone knows that if you’re going to buy a plaster cast of something for your house, it either has to be a vampire, or someone vampire-related.*), but let’s be honest, there’s just no contest. Go team Eric!!!

P.S. I do have to mention, though, that whatever is coming out of his mouth looks more like BBQ sauce and less like blood. Also, what is that necklace? It looks like an old dead finger. Does Eric wear an old dead finger necklace on True Blood?

* The exception to this rule is Princess Leia in the bikini. As I am not a teenage boy, I can’t personally vouch for the eternal appeal of this image, but I respect it nonetheless.


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