Revealing the Johnston Johnson

13 Nov

Levi Johnston, the impregnator of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol and now the thorn in her side, will be posing nude in Playgirl. This is not news, but I had to share this rather hilarious attempt at spin from Johnston’s manager, the awesomely named Tank Jones (I just hope he’s a nerdy scrawny accountant type):

“The shoot was fantastic! People are going to see more of Levi than they thought.”

Here’s my question: if it was already announced that Levi Johnston was going to be totally naked, and therefore everyone already thought they would be seeing the little ‘Salmon and Igloos,’ if you catch my drift, then what on earth will they be revealing that is more than we thought? Will there be pictures of his colon? Vocal chords, maybe?



Only Tank Jones knows for sure.


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