Really, Maine?

4 Nov

First of all, sorry for the bloggy delay – I just got back from a most delightful, escargot/goulash/wurst-filled trip to Europe, which I will post about soon (maybe with photos, if I am not too lazy/incompetent!).

So apparently Maine has rejected a state law that would allow gay couples to marry. Now I am not particularly political, and on this issue I have utter faith that gay marriage will be legal within the next few years just because it is the way the world is moving, and humanity is bad at attempting to stop the intertia of its own forward movement*. However, this bums me out. What’s up, Maine? Hmm? You guys seemed so chill, with your rocky ocean coast, expansive woodlands, and proximity to Canada, all of which should make you more likely to relax and let people be what they are, and less likely to adopt the shrill panicked ‘the apocalypse is nigh’ shrieking of many of your American brethren. So I’m mad at you right now, Maine. I reject your flinty New Englanders and your moose and your blueberries. And just as a reminder that you are being irrational, I give you this video, from the beacon-of-all-things-wonderful The West Wing, so that you can think about what you’ve done.


*One of my most favorite quotes, and one that pretty accurately represents my nebulous political philosophy, is Victor Hugo’s “An army of men can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” Brilliant, right? Gay marriage is an idea whose time has done. Suck it down, Maine. Suck it down hard.


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